Our goal: satisfied customers.

They will come back, stay with us and often become long term partners.
For that reason we tied up a comprehensive package of various services, that enables us to meet your requirements in almost every situation. We focussed these services on our core competence: compact construction machinery. This market segment is manageable for a company of our size. Many years of collecting experiences in various structures and branches give us the expertise,reliability and competitiveness in order to reach our destination – the satisfied customer.

Probably we won´t be able to always make the best offer, because providing all these services requires financial and personal commitment. But we always will try hard: to offer attractive prices as well as convincing products and individual advice. Our satisfied customers gladly accept these services and in this way confirm our concept of really being their partner.


Construction machinery purchase is a matter of trust. If the business partners not yet know each other anyway, there is one thing that really helps: talking to each other.

A competent and detailed sales consultation from our staff is natural for us and will help you to come to a requirements-based optimal investment decision. In 40 years we accumulated quite a lot of experience and knowledge about market, products and customer needs. Benefit from that and take your time, to talk to your sales managers, explore options, define priorities and check out the alternatives in product choice.

It´s all about major investments and important decisions.

We can also offer our help and advice in the financing of your investment. To your advantage, use our experience and relationships in this point too. A good, tailored to your individual situation, attractive financing is just as crucial to a good deal, as the best fitting product and a fair price are. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice and support also on this point …

Only when you are completely satisfied, we look at a business as closed.

Finally, we do not only want to complete a single business, but rather gain a business partner – in best case for a long period and future transactions.
Being your brand dealer, of course we are open for your needs after sale as well! Whether in case of guarantee or warranty, if you need support with repairs or maintenance. Also in case that you plan to expand the capabilities of your machine with additional attachments and accessories.
A detailed instruction in use of the purchased machine, it´s control features, the maintenance intervals, etc. can also be obtained from us on request.
A comprehensive range of various services relating to the operational capability of your machinery is available for you.
If changing circumstances require a different or larger machine for your specific purposes, we are also the appropriate contact for a trade-in of used gear at a fair and competitive price.

To have spare parts, wear and tear and repair items available …

… as quickly as possible when required, we have our well stocked and assorted inventory here in Oberzell. Our staff provide expert advice in finding the right item. As we also operate locally a fully equipped workshop, the common things like seals, hydraulic components, bearings, power transmission and many standard parts and products are usually kept in stock. If not in some cases, then they are ordered and delivered quickly.

And perhaps when visiting our shop, you will find one or the other tool, safety equipment, or anything else that you would have needed anyway. Or you can take the opportunity, to let us show you some of our new or used equipment, that seems interesting to you …

In order to be able to work fast, efficient, cost- and safety-conscious in maintenance and repair …

… of our customer´s machinery, we have our own well equipped and large workshop in Oberzell. Experienced mechanics perform the required work routinely and reliably. Thanks to our extensive spare parts inventory and our working closely with manufacturers and suppliers of our brand products, we can do service and repair work on engines, hydraulics, chassis, body and attachments of the machines and equipment in short time.
So that you will not be surprised at the cost, we’re talking about them and do an appointment setting with you, before performing our work. The service recommendations of the manufacturers and the comon safety standards are met, of course always.

Our On-Site-Service: the mobile repair shop …

… comes to you on the site and ensures the fastest possible recovery of operational readiness. If it once – despite all care in maintenance and service – comes to malfunction or defects, our On-Site-Service will be ready for help. Whether it´s a new machine, a used one or a rented one: the mechanic comes to you on the site – bringing whenever possible allready the appropriate spare part or a back-up machine, so that you can keep on working as soon as possible. Our small fleet of service vehicles is well equipped. The technician brings a mobile workshop on the construction site, so many service and repair work can easily be performed on site and above all, very fast.