The Green Allrounder: Telehandlers from Merlo

Telehandlers have a growing following and are nowadays used in a wide range of applications: farming, timber construction and carpentry, industry, landscaping or in the performance of municipal tasks. The Italian manufacturer MERLO is considered the inventor of this machine type and currently offers about 60 telescopic handler models. There is certainly the right machine for every purpose. The modularly produced series are well-designed, technically innovative and also extremely versatile thanks to the large number of available equipment and suitable attachments.

More than 10 years ago, Brielmaier decided to include MERLO telehandlers in their sales program and we have never regretted this decision. In the Bremen headquarters of MERLO Germany we have committed and reliable contact persons. As a regional dealer we get technical support, trainings for our service technicians and are supplied with spare parts. Given the variety of types and equipment variants, we recommend our customers a detailed consultation before buying …


lifting capacity 2.7 – 3 tons
lifting height 6 – 10 m
• engine power 50 – 115 hp
• up to 40 km/h (option)

Merlo 27.6
e.g. P 27.6

lifting capacity 3.3 – 3.5 to
7- or 9-meter boom
• engine power 75 or 115 hp
spring-loaded CS cab possible
• up to 40 km/h (option)

Merlo Turbofarmer 33.9
e,g, Turbofarmer 33.9

lifting capacity 3.8 and 4.2 tons
lifting height 7 – 10 m
• engine power 140 hp
spring-loaded CS cab possible
rigid frame or side shift and leveling
• option: 40 km/h and EU approval as tractor and farm tractor

Merlo Turbofarmer TF 38.10
z.B. Turbofarmer 38.10

lifting capacity 3.4 – 4 tons
lifting height 7 – 9 m
• engine power up to 170 hp
rear hydraulics, three-point adapter
mechanical PTO with full power transmission
EU approval as a tractor for pulling agricultural trailers on the road

Service-Flotte bei Brielmaier Baumaschinen
e.g. Multifarmer 34.9 CS CVtronic
Heavy duty

support forces from 4.5 to 5 tons
• 8 to 11 m upwardly reaching telescopic arms

• machines with 6 to 12 tons support forces
• 10 or 14 m lifting height

Service-Flotte bei Brielmaier Baumaschinen
e.g. Turbofarmer 40.11

lifting capacity 3.5 – 5 tons
lifting height 11 – 18 m
• engine power 75 – 102 hp
models with outriggers
selection with leveling and side shift
aerial specialists
• up to 40 km/h (option)

Service-Flotte bei Brielmaier Baumaschinen
e.g. Panoramic 40.17
Merlo Roto 50.35
z.B. Roto 50.35 S plus

lifting capacity 4 – 7 tons
lifting height 16 – 35 m
• engine power up to 170 hp
• working platform and winch variants
all ROTOs distributed by Merlo Germany have radio and work platform preparation
driving with swiveled superstructure