The professional equipment of the market leader at cleaning technology

Wolfgang Pfeiffer
Wolfgang Pfeiffer

Chief of KÄRCHER-Store
DD +49 751 769 69-50

Brielmaier Baumaschinen GmbH in Ravensburg / Oberzell is the official KÄRCHER-STORE. We deal with the devices and machines of the market leader in cleaning technology since 4 decades and can offer our customers competent advice based on these many years of experience. But we also take care of repairs, technical service, spare parts and the supply of consumables.
Naturally, we focus on our commercial customers and we can always offer them the best product solution for their purposes with KÄRCHER’s Professional Line. We always have current models and demonstrators in our shop in Oberzell. And for occasional needs, we offer a selection of cleaning equipment for rent in our rental park.
Here we show you some of the most requested devices and machines from the current model program of KÄRCHER …

High pressure cleaner (cold and warm water)
Kaercher HD 5/15 C Plus
HD 5/15 C Plus
Kaercher HD 9/20-4 M
HD 9/20-4 M
Kaercher HD 10/23-4 S
HD 10/23-4 S
Kaercher HDS 8/18-4 CX
HDS 8/18-4 CX
Kaercher HDS 12/18-4 SX
HDS 12/18-4 SX
Kaercher HDS 10/20-4 M
HDS 10/20-4 M
Kaercher HD 9/23 G
HD 9/23 G
Kaercher HD 13/35-4 Cage
HD 13/35-4 Cage
Vacuum cleaner
Kaercher NT 27/1 Adv
NT 27/1 Adv
Kaercher NT 70/2 Tc
NT 70/2 Tc
Kaercher NT 75/1 Tact Me Te H
NT 75/1 Tact Me Te H
Kaercher NT 50/1 Tact Te M
NT 50/1 Tact Te M
Kaercher KM 70/30 C Bp Pack Adv
KM 70/30 C Bp Pack Adv
Kärcher KM 105/100 R Bp Pack
KM 105/100 R Bp Pack
Kaercher KM 120_250 R D Classic
KM 120/250 R D Classic
Kaercher KM 130/300 R Bp Pack
KM 130/300 R Bp Pack