The versatile compact wheel loaders from Finland

Whether in construction, in landscaping, in groundcare, in property maintenance, in farming and forestry or in the perception of municipal tasks – on the one hand by the extensive model range, but above all by the large number of suitable attachments for each special application are the Multilader of the Finnish manufacturer AVANT in a sense the “Swiss army knife” among the compact wheel loaders: with the right selection of adaptable special options for your individuell purposes, the AVANT becomes a compact universal tool! The compact allrounders are extremely powerful for their size, outstandingly stable and offer the driver a very good overview.

Since this year, there is also the AVANT e6: a fully electric multi-loader with lithium-ion battery and zero emissions. The model range has been extended upwards with the most powerful new top models of the 800 series.

We as dealers have at AVANT Germany in Eppertshausen competent contact for service and sales. We particularly appreciate the quick and uncomplicated support in technical matters, or even the extensive pool of demonstration machines.

Avant e5
E Series

lifting capacity 900 kg
lifting height 2.8 m
engine power 11.5 kWh
max. speed 10 km/h

Avant R 28
R Series

lifting capacity 1.050 kg
lifting height 2.8 m
engine power 37.5 hp
max. speed 14 km/h

Avant 860i
800er Series

lifting capacity 1.900 kg
lifting height 3.5 m
engine power 57 hp
max. speed 30 km/h

700er Series

lifting capacity 1.500 kg
lifting height 3.1 m
engine power 57 hp
max. speed 30 km/h

Avant 640
600er Series

lifting capacity 1.100 kg
lifting height 2.8 m
engine power 37.5 hp
max. speed 22 km/h

Avant 530
500er Series

lifting capacity 950 kg
lifting height 2.8 m
engine power 26 hp
max. speed 19 km/h

400er series
400er Series

lifting capacity 550 kg
lifting height 2.8 m
engine power 20 hp
max. speed 12 km/h

200er series
200er Series

lifting capacity 350 kg
lifting height 1.4 m
engine power 25 hp
max. speed 10 km/h

Exemplary: application vids

with some of the most common attachments

(Click on the picture opens the movie …)

We have collected some films of the most commonly used attachments for you. If you want to see more of and want to know more about the huge range of possible options: just go through the website of the manufacturer AVANT …
And, of course, our sales staff are also at your disposal – to answer questions regarding available models / makes and adaptable special tools.
We look forward to your call: +49 751 769690

bale handler

bale fork


feed mover screw

silage fork

rotary harrow

lawn mower

collecting broom

flail mower

light material bucket

snow blower

One universal machine – many very special applications.